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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal is a secure, online patient portal service that allows you, as a patient, to communicate easily with your provider and the staff at Neuse Valley Internal Medicine.

Can I use the Patient Portal if I am not an existing patient at Neuse Valley Internal Medicine?
No. The Patient Portal is available to established patients only. Once you become a patient at Neuse Valley and provide us with your email address, you will receive a special invitation to register as a portal user.

Is my information shared?  Is it secure?
The staff at Neuse Valley Internal Medicine is committed to ensuring that all of your personal health information is protected and secure. There are a number of security measures and standards in place (HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory and compliance agencies) to ensure that your personal health information is protected.

The Patient Portal was designed to give you access to your health care information without putting your privacy at risk. There are key features in place to be sure that your personal and private information can only be viewed by you. We do not have access to your username or password. Your provider and the staff at Neuse Valley can send information to your portal but we have absolutely no access to your portal or the information in your portal.

What health information do I have access to through the Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal allows you to interact with your health care provider and provides you the opportunity to submit and receive health care information at your convenience. The features currently available include:

  • Appointment requests
  • Prescription refills
  • Ask a question
  • Online bill pay
  • Personal Health Record

What is my Personal Health Record (PHR)?
A PHR is a place where you can deposit important information such as medication lists, allergies, past medical history, lab results, etc. This can be entered by you or can be imported from us. Please note that any information in your PHR is for your use only.  It will NOT flow back to your medical record at Neuse Valley Internal Medicine.

Most patients experience no dilliculty when accessing the portal but occasionally, a problem does present. If you experience any issues, plese see if you can resolve the issue by the information in this link: If you are unable to resolve the issue, please call 1-888-670-9775 for technical support.